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LDC Conference 2017: Alisdair McKendrick on the future of dentistry

Alisdair McKendrick was elected Chair for LDC Conference 2017, he tells us a bit about his career to date, his hopes for the future generations of young dentist and the theme of this year’s LDC Conference. Q: Tell us a bit about you? I am a dental practitioner working in a mixed practice in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and qualified in 1982. I am a fourth generation McKendrick who is a denti... »

A busy year for young dentists and what lies ahead for 2017

This has been a busy year for young dentists, the Young Dentists Committee has been working on a range of issues that affect young dentists and we’ve been involved in events planning for 2017. One big theme we have been focusing on is the lack of clinical training for dental students. There is a perception amongst recent graduates that they have much less exposure to clinical scenarios. It’s... »

What does the hospital junior doctors contract mean for trainee dentists?

The recent hospital junior doctors contract negotiations have caused a lot of controversy in the popular press, but what rarely gets mentioned is the impact of these on hospital dentists. Here’s my view on what it might mean for those currently working or, considering a career in, hospital dentistry. The current outlook The current outlook for dental core training (DCT) and careers within secondar... »

Our changing profession: complexities, challenges, and communities

My travels around the UK visiting student dentists in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Dundee and Edinburgh, have been really enlightening, as well as enjoyable. I’m pleased to see our students so engaged, and many are pondering the future of dentistry, but many possibly don’t yet realise how complex those futures might be. My main message is always one of the importance of community – dentistry can be an isola... »

Diary of a young hospital dentist: starting out as a DCT

Hospital dentist Surina Bhola gives her ‘101 guide’ to what you’ll need when starting out as a dental core trainee. Coffee? Check. Pen torch? Check. Deodorant? Oh yes… Diary entry Let us start with something simple for my second blog post. I’m calling it, Surina’s ‘guide to starting out in OMFS DCT 101’, which I hope will be helpful for any new DCTs who are starting out in an oral maxillofacial su... »

Young dentists’ update: changing workforce trends, patient communication and mouth cancer

The BDA Young Dentists Committee met this past month and one of the biggest issues discussed was the changing workforce and provision of oral health. It seems that fewer and fewer dentists are now practice owners within practices delivering NHS care. The previous trend of associates taking a stake in the practice they work in seems to have declined. The past few years have seen a downward trend in... »

Fear is not an option: what the PSA report means for young dentists

You may or may not have heard about the annual PSA (Professional Standards Authority) report on the General Dental Council (GDC) which was released recently. Suffice it to say the previous report was not exactly complimentary to our regulator – that will be no surprise to anyone reading this. Since 2015 the GDC has been charging dentists the highest registration fee out of all the healthcare... »

Is flossing worth it? My patients think not…

In the news recently, floss has got some very bad press, and we have noticed in our practices that some patients have stopped inter-proximal cleaning all together, following this flurry of headlines. This is very concerning, particularly in relation to patients with gum disease. Here are some of the facts to counter the misinformation out there, and that we hope will be beneficial to other young d... »

Top tips for the journey ahead as a newly-qualified dentist

Shaadi graduated with Honours from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2015 and is currently working as a Dental Core Trainee in Paediatric Dentistry at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital following completion of her Dental Foundation Training Year. Here she shares her top tips, following her experience of being let lose in the real world of dentistry! Growing up It would probably ... »

Diary of a young hospital dentist: did I panic?

In this new series of blogs by Surina Bhola, a young dentist working as a dental core trainee at Princess Alexandra Hospital, she will share her experience of taking on a new role in a hospital setting. Diary Entry After completion of foundation training, all young dentists face the two main options – do I live the rest of my life in practice, or do I utter the dreaded words – “dental core trainin... »

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