‘British Teeth’ vs the ‘Hollywood Smile’

As dentists obviously we’re proud of our handiwork. And that’s why the jokes about bad ‘British Teeth’ can be a little trying. From Austin Powers to the Simpson’s ‘Big Book of British Smiles’, this myth has become ingrained in pop culture. But now at least we’ve got some new evidence to show where Brits really stand on brushing. This World Oral Health Day we shared a huge global poll on oral healt... »

Now is the time to invest in children’s smiles in Wales

We’re asking our dentists to help spread the message about the detrimental impact sugar can have on patient’s teeth, and to help highlight the shocking state of oral health amongst some groups of children in Wales. The sugar levy is going to come into force in April 2018, across the UK. This will be a tax on soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, dilutables and still drinks that contain high level... »

Let them eat cake? Why sugar is a sweet problem for dentistry

So 2017 is upon us and with it a flurry of the evils of sugar have been highlighted in our national media: cake in the workplace, it’s a sweet problem for dentistry, according to the Royal College of Surgeons. With the detail of the workings of the sugar levy still to be revealed, an article in the Lancet Public Health Journal has pondered over the possible scenarios and the effects of such a levy... »

Novelty sweets: the heart-breaking damage being done to children’s teeth

Do you know your Brain Licker from your Juicy Drop Pop? They are novelty sweets, in case you are wondering. Novelty sweets are pocket-money priced, and available at corner shops, which means children keep going back for more. As dentists we try to talk to parents about the ills of their children consuming too many sugary sweets, and often it feels a bit like being up against a brick wall. It can b... »

A smile brightens everyone’s day: National Smile Month

We are proud supporters of National Smile Month. As a practice, we are very keen to make people aware of the impact of oral hygiene and good tooth care on their smiles: a smile makes the whole face light up and brightens up everybody’s day! During the month, we offered a smile assessment to all our patients and gave them the option to see our dental therapist for oral hygiene advice. We also focus... »

Tales of the tooth fairy – a parent’s perspective

There is a massive problem with tooth decay amongst children. The number of children facing hospital tooth extractions continues to mount, rising from 32,457 procedures in 2010-11 to 40,970 in 2014-15. For those children, their childhood memories will be rather less wonderful and magical than that portrayed below. Wouldn’t it be great if all our children got to experience the joy and excitement of... »

What’s the problem with today’s teenagers? The scourge of sports drinks

What’s the problem with today’s teenagers? One of them is the shocking state of their oral health, and some new research just published by Cardiff University is pointing to what might be contributing towards this. The Cardiff study looks at the use and knowledge surround sports drinks by 12-14 year old school children in South Wales. It’s quite a small study (160 kids from four schools), but we kn... »

Are we serious about real prevention for children’s oral health?

I hope you haven’t missed the fact that National Smile Month is nearly upon us (16 May-16 June). This excellent initiative, run by the Oral Health Foundation, aims to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health – you can get involved in a variety of ways. During the month, we’ll be focusing on the issue of sugar consumption and children’s oral health. This seems to be an issu... »

A crucial time for sugar awareness

This is a crucial time for oral health – there are existing problems of inequalities in oral health across the UK and the debate on sugar is still growing, as is the rise in oral cancer cases. As the new Chair of the Health and Science Committee, I am keen to keep the topic of sugar in particular on the agenda until we see real leadership from government. The Committee is eager to work with other ... »

Our cut sugar campaign in practice – part 4

Hob Hey Dental Centre in the North West of England was established in 1968. The practice is in Culcheth, a relatively affluent village between Manchester and Liverpool but also see patients from the surrounding towns. The practice has a NHS contract for children and the elderly residents of four local nursing homes and all other adults are seen on a private basis. There are three dentists, a denta... »

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