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Workplace stress for dentists in Scotland: an undocumented problem?

The mental health of healthcare professionals is becoming a more often talked about issue in the news these days. However, in Scotland, we feel that dentists are often the forgotten profession when it comes to revealing the scale of the problem, and impact of the often stressful and frustrating environments we work in. Admitting you are feeling stressed is never an easy thing to do. But nearly all... »

Update on quality and performance of the Practitioner Services Division in Scotland

We conducted a survey in early 2016 asking for your feedback on the quality and performance of the services provided by the Practitioner Services Division (PSD), with the aim of collecting feedback on the service, the quality of monitoring, the effectiveness of communications from the PSD, and on how accurate the payment information received was felt to be. We also asked for your comments seeking ... »

A missed opportunity? The future of oral health in Scotland

We hoped the Scottish Government’s consultation exercise, focusing on the ‘The future of oral health services’ could herald a real break from treating dental disease and move the focus onto real prevention. But we are concerned that, as it stands, it’s a missed opportunity for government to back their words with action (and appropriate funding). It’s also concerning that the consultation appears t... »

Our changing profession: complexities, challenges, and communities

My travels around the UK visiting student dentists in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Dundee and Edinburgh, have been really enlightening, as well as enjoyable. I’m pleased to see our students so engaged, and many are pondering the future of dentistry, but many possibly don’t yet realise how complex those futures might be. My main message is always one of the importance of community – dentistry can be an isola... »

Oral cancer rates in Scotland are rising: what can dentists do?

New stats from Cancer Research UK are highlighting the fact that oral cancer rates across the UK are soaring and we know that Scotland has a shocking problem when it comes to cancer mortality rates: Scotland has the highest compared to the rest of the UK. The European age-standardised oral cancer incidence rates for both men and women are significantly higher in Scotland, 16.8 per 100,000 compared... »

Can we afford not to invest more in oral health prevention for Scotland?

Scotland on Sunday and the Scotsman online have highlighted recent figures that suggest that, whilst there has been an improvement in the oral health of five year-olds in the country, Scotland still lags behind other countries, such as England and Norway. The figures also show continuing dental inequalities with a significant difference in results between children from the richest and poorest neig... »

Better oral health for Scotland: addressing the NHS dentistry funding shortfall

Scotland is an oral health innovator. The Childsmile programme has been a great success, lowering treatment costs and delivering enormous improvements in the oral health for children under the age of five. Once you look past that age group, you see 36% of children living in areas of higher economic and social deprivation have obvious tooth decay compared to 15% in more affluent areas. 7,025 childr... »

The Skye Bridge

The Skye Bridge

Hi, I am Graham Smith and I serve as Vice Chair in theScottish Salaried Dentists Committee, my day job is as a salaried dentist working in the shiny new Public Dental Service (PDS ). Like most of you reading this, I am wondering what the new PDS in Scotland will be like, and how our jobs will evolve over the next few years especially with 2014 referendum on independence looming. The old Salaried D... »

Changes affecting Vocational Trainers in Scotland

Changes affecting Vocational Trainers in Scotland

There have been changes in the benefits available to Vocational Trainers (VT) over the last year as the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) has made her cuts and £8million of savings. The Determination X Grant of £10k can now only be accessed by new Trainers and cannot be applied for again for five years when a reduced grant is available. The second major change to affect trainers has been related to super... »

Viewpoint from a Young Dentist in Scotland

Viewpoint from a Young Dentist in Scotland

Sitting amongst a group of aspirational young dentists, sentiments of disillusionment and disappointment are almost palpable. As much as the cohort of budding dentists are emerging with excitement and enthusiasm for their careers, the number of obstacles and threats faced is quickly weighing our upcoming generation down. Is there a silver lining to this cloud or is the future simply less glimmerin... »