Why don’t you consider dentistry? Women in dentistry then and now

I was proud to support International Women’s Day on 8 March, and celebrate the amazing contributions women have made to dentistry, as well as reflect on how some great female role models have helped me in my career. My story of “why I did dentistry” is a product of my generation. My strength at school was mathematics, and I wanted to become an actuary, but in those days women were excluded from th... »

BDA Honours and Awards 2017: who’s your dental hero?

The BDA’s Honours and Awards are now open for nominations for the 2017/18 round. Do you know someone who you feel should be recognised for the amazing work they do for dentistry? Then please nominate them for a BDA Honour or Award. The Honours and Awards nominations process takes place each year and is designed to recognise outstanding merit and service given to the profession and/or the community... »

Celebrating women’s contributions to dentistry: our new Society at KCL

In 2016, we set up a Women in Dentistry society at King’s College London and held an event in November to launch and celebrate our new network for students (regardless of gender) which aims to work for equality within the dental profession, at all stages of people’s careers. The aim of our society is to raise the profile and celebrate the contributions of individuals in our profession, to understa... »

Celebrating a leading light in Northern Ireland dentistry

Philip Henderson has been honoured with Distinguished Membership of the BDA, thanking him for his long, exceptional and valuable service to the BDA. Our debt to him as dentists in Northern Ireland is great, which is why I felt he should be nominated for recognition amongst his peers. I have known Philip since dental school. We were in the same year, all those years ago. It is difficult to quantify... »

BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting

Over 100 delegates gathered on the 4 November 2016 for an update on hot topics in dentistry at the BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting. It was an honour to be part of the Branch Council who organised the meeting, which took place in the stunning grounds of the Vale Resort. The fantastic line up included local consultants, Nick Drage and Meryl Spencer, speakers from further afield, including Davi... »

Why having a voice is so important: a young dentist’s perspective

I’m a member of the BDA Young Dentists Committee which focuses on issues facing dentists up to 10 years post-graduation. Current issues we are working on include foundation training and confidence amongst new graduates, employment status, commissioning guidelines and NHS pensions. Dentists vary in age and location and there will be things that are personal to each and every one of us. The BDA prov... »

Getting together: five good reasons to join your BDA branch or section

Membership of your local branch or section is open for all BDA members – getting together with your peers is a great way of finding out what’s going on in the world of dentistry, topping up your CPD, and gives you the chance to let off a bit of steam too. Here’s five good reasons why you should join your local group: Across the UK, there are 21 branches and many more divided into regional se... »

Patients are the ones who suffer when dentists try to ‘make it work’

From a personal perspective, the 2006 contract penalises me financially when I take over the care of a patient with high needs. The greater the need, the higher the cost to my business. I feel this is unfair to me as a professional and unfair for my patients. Also the nature of the “course of treatment” means that I am pretty much obliged to do any and all treatment regardless of my ab... »

Making your mark: top tips for choosing a mentor

Most young dentists should already have a mentor, they might not realise they have one, but your FD trainer, your practice owner, or a more senior associate in your practice, these people are all likely to be giving you advice and support in your professional life, and are key in helping you take your career to the next level, if you are prepared to listen. Currently, mentoring in dentistry doesn’... »

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton raising her voice to be heard? Why women in dentistry matter

Do women in power behave differently to men? Can you imagine Hillary Clinton raising her voice in the same way some of her male counterparts do? I recently listened to a BBC clip of researcher Alice Eagly of North-western University talking about what characterises female leadership and whether gender difference is actually meaningful in this context. Dentistry is actually a great career for women... »