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How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

Ana Tout, a previous BDA Oral Health Education (OHE) student and star of this video, was 21 when she first came to England on a student visa. She originally studied agriculture in her native Romania, but decided after a few visits to England, that farming wasn’t for her. Despite little knowledge of dental nursing, she was encouraged by a friend to build a new career in dentistry. We interviewed An... »

Political turmoil in Northern Ireland a setback for dentistry

With the collapse of Northern Ireland’s power sharing Executive, the well-being of dentistry in Northern Ireland, is facing yet more setbacks. Recently, we had made some significant gains in getting our issues on the agenda and we had agreed a meeting with the Minister of Health and the Chair of the Health Committee. We’ve been raising the profile of the failure of the implementation of the modern... »

Toothache piling the pressure on A&E

Have you ever wondered how many patients are heading to A&E with dental problems? Well it turns out Health Ministers are not the ones to ask. Thanks to the team at Newcastle University’s Centre for Oral Health Research we now know that official figures could be under-estimating the number of attendees by a factor of 10. Their three-year study is revealing a systematic under-reporting of dental... »

Mouth cancer rates in Wales are soaring: dentists can help

Public Health Wales has recently highlighted that mouth cancer rates in Wales are continuing to rise sharply; and worryingly many are not being diagnosed until the later stages. We know that dentists can play a vital role in detection of oral cancers, and evidence tells us that survival rates can rise from 50% to 90% if the conditions are detected early. In Wales, 854 people were diagnosed in 2012... »

Oral cancer rates in Scotland are rising: what can dentists do?

New stats from Cancer Research UK are highlighting the fact that oral cancer rates across the UK are soaring and we know that Scotland has a shocking problem when it comes to cancer mortality rates: Scotland has the highest compared to the rest of the UK. The European age-standardised oral cancer incidence rates for both men and women are significantly higher in Scotland, 16.8 per 100,000 compared... »

Interview: the fight against mouth cancer

In 2013, there were 7,591 new cases of mouth cancer. In 2014, 2,386 deaths were recorded due to the disease. However startling those figures may – or may not – be, what they don’t tell you is the 40% increase in a decade. Mouth cancer is one of the few variations of the disease on the rise, which makes our job ever-more important. Professor Mike Lewis and Dr Chet Trivedy answer questions about the... »

Is flossing worth it? My patients think not…

In the news recently, floss has got some very bad press, and we have noticed in our practices that some patients have stopped inter-proximal cleaning all together, following this flurry of headlines. This is very concerning, particularly in relation to patients with gum disease. Here are some of the facts to counter the misinformation out there, and that we hope will be beneficial to other young d... »

Dentistry in Northern Ireland is changing: are you ready?

If you are interested in what the future holds for your career in dentistry, then don’t miss our upcoming event on Friday 25 November in the Dunadry Hotel, Antrim. In a changing economic and political climate, we want to help dentists to be ready for what might be ahead, and to be able to positively respond to the challenges facing the sector. This packed one day programme will keep you updated on... »

Oral health promotion for the homeless: my volunteering journey

After volunteering as a befriender at The Everlasting Food Bank in the East End of Glasgow for about one year, I had a peculiar conversation with one of the service users, who had managed to consume an entire meal without any teeth. Needless to say that this left me fairly dumb struck, and after a few awkward laughs and nods, I managed to find out that he hadn’t visited a dentist for over 15 years... »

Interview: needs of an ageing population

The growing number of older people in the UK presents a unique set of challenges to the profession. The number of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is on the increase1, and care homes are under growing pressure to cope. Alzheimer’s Society called it ‘one of the top three challenges facing the UK’, and that’s before we even consider the mouth. Two experts in the field, Joe Sullivan and Mili Dosh... »

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