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Homelessness and oral health: a neglected issue

Dental problems are widespread among people experiencing homelessness – and in many cases they may be preventing people from escaping lives of poverty and addiction. My name is Rob and I’m one of the peer researchers involved in Groundswell’s Healthy Mouths Health Audit. We spoke to over 260 homeless people from across London about their oral health, including people who are street homeless, in ho... »

‘British Teeth’ vs the ‘Hollywood Smile’

As dentists obviously we’re proud of our handiwork. And that’s why the jokes about bad ‘British Teeth’ can be a little trying. From Austin Powers to the Simpson’s ‘Big Book of British Smiles’, this myth has become ingrained in pop culture. But now at least we’ve got some new evidence to show where Brits really stand on brushing. This World Oral Health Day we shared a huge global poll on oral healt... »

Now is the time to invest in children’s smiles in Wales

We’re asking our dentists to help spread the message about the detrimental impact sugar can have on patient’s teeth, and to help highlight the shocking state of oral health amongst some groups of children in Wales. The sugar levy is going to come into force in April 2018, across the UK. This will be a tax on soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, dilutables and still drinks that contain high level... »

Political turmoil in Northern Ireland a setback for dentistry

With the collapse of Northern Ireland’s power sharing Executive, the well-being of dentistry in Northern Ireland, is facing yet more setbacks. Recently, we had made some significant gains in getting our issues on the agenda and we had agreed a meeting with the Minister of Health and the Chair of the Health Committee. We’ve been raising the profile of the failure of the implementation of the modern... »

Dental problems at A&E: why it matters

Charlotte Currie, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery at the Centre for Oral Health Research, School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, explains what led to their recent project investigating the number of patients attending hospitals for dental problems, and what we still need to discover to encourage patients to visit the dentist before they end up in A&E: Just under 10% of the UK popul... »

Top ten most read BDA blogs of 2016

Just in case you missed them, here are our top ten most read blogs of the year, including opinions on oral health inequalities, dental contract reform, the crisis of rotten teeth, GDP incomes, NHS patient charges, teeth whitening and more. Our top ten most read blogs in 2016 were: Top tips for the journey ahead as a newly-qualified dentist – In November, Shaadi, a dental core trainee shared her ex... »

2016: a good year for dentistry in Northern Ireland?

You could say that although much has changed, much has stayed the same when it comes to the dental landscape in Northern Ireland this year. The challenges we face appear to grow ever larger, although our message is that there is light through the tunnel, and we are here to help support you through it. The Stormont elections in May brought in a new form of opposition, and with it the potential for ... »

A missed opportunity? The future of oral health in Scotland

We hoped the Scottish Government’s consultation exercise, focusing on the ‘The future of oral health services’ could herald a real break from treating dental disease and move the focus onto real prevention. But we are concerned that, as it stands, it’s a missed opportunity for government to back their words with action (and appropriate funding). It’s also concerning that the consultation appears t... »

Getting together in Westminster

Earlier this week saw the Christmas reception of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Dentistry and Oral Health. Organised by the BDA who act as the Group’s secretariat, the event took place in the House of Commons and promoted good oral health and celebrating Christmas in a way that won’t do damage to teeth. Attending Parliamentarians and key figures from the world of British dentistry he... »

Can we afford not to invest more in oral health prevention for Scotland?

Scotland on Sunday and the Scotsman online have highlighted recent figures that suggest that, whilst there has been an improvement in the oral health of five year-olds in the country, Scotland still lags behind other countries, such as England and Norway. The figures also show continuing dental inequalities with a significant difference in results between children from the richest and poorest neig... »

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