Proud to be part of the profession

As part of our We are dentistry campaign, Mark Woodger, shares his experience of working in NHS dentistry. I’m a partner in an NHS dental practice and I’m also secretary of my Local Dental Committee (LDC). My day job is heading up a team, running a busy NHS dental practice with three dentists and two therapists. In addition to working at the practice, I engage with NHS England to help improve serv... »

LDC Conference 2017 submitting a Conference motion

LDC Conference 2017 Chair, Alisdair McKendrick, offers his advice on how to craft a motion for Conference 2017. First steps Creating a conference motion for the first time can be challenging and then having to stand up and present it at conference – well that is a daunting experience! Usually it will derive from your LDC with the secretary or chair asking for topics that might make for a goo... »

LDC Conference 2017: Alisdair McKendrick on the future of dentistry

Alisdair McKendrick was elected Chair for LDC Conference 2017, he tells us a bit about his career to date, his hopes for the future generations of young dentist and the theme of this year’s LDC Conference. Q: Tell us a bit about you? I am a dental practitioner working in a mixed practice in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and qualified in 1982. I am a fourth generation McKendrick who is a denti... »

LDC Conference 2016: a view from the Chair

So another Local Dental Committee Conference is over and for me this year, as Chair, I approached it with a mixture of excitement and terror. Excitement to see how all the planning translated from paper to reality. And terror? Well anything that could go wrong, might very well go wrong! The Agenda Committee and I spent hours looking at the detail of conference and particularly working on the motio... »

What you get for your LDC levy

by Victoria Michell Local dental committees (LDCs) have been in the dental political landscape in some form or other since 1948. They are active both at a local level, liaising with the NHS and other relevant bodies; and at a national level, feeding into national policy. They are funded by a combination of mandatory and voluntary levies from primary-care dentists. General Dental Services (GDS) con... »

Motional intelligence

Don’t be an April fool! Nick Stolls tells you how to get your LDC’s motion in by the 15 April and what it takes to get it noticed. This year’s LDCs (Local Dental Committees’) annual conference will take place in Manchester on 9–10 June. If you’re new to the world of dental politics, there are 110 LDCs across the UK, and in England they represent the views of general dental practitioners to N... »

Update on LDC Conference 2016

In his last post, Nick Stolls, LDC Conference Chair 2016, highlighted some of his plans for the upcoming Conference. We had a chance to chat with him to hear the Agenda Committee’s plans and points of discussion for the upcoming year. Some points of discussion included… Motions – Think about and discuss motions you want to put forward. You may see Nick in LDC meetings trying to amalgamate motions ... »

Update for GDPs: contract reform, young dentists and LDC Conference

A recent meeting of the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee covered a full agenda, including a focus on dental contract reform, discussion on the BDA’s submission to the Review Body on Doctors and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB), Local Dental Committee (LDC) Conference motions and a report on the crisis in confidence for young dentists. Also on the agenda were GDPC constitution and s... »

Nick Stolls lays out plans for next year’s LDC Conference

  We caught up with Nick Stolls, LDC Conference Chair 2016, to hear about his experiences at past Conferences and his plans for the upcoming year. Only a few weeks have passed since the 2015 LDC Conference but planning for 2016 has already begun. Jonathan Randall’s conference was very successful but, as all those closely associated with its arrangements would agree, it was challenging. ... »

Reaching the summit or falling into the abyss?

Reaching the summit or falling into the abyss?

Reading the Government’s recent Evidence and Learning report brought to mind the famous words of George Mallory, when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he curtly replied ‘Because it’s there’. The Department of Health has to climb the difficult road to contract reform and not just because it’s there, but because the current system isn’t fit for purpose. But like scaling Everest, it was al... »

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