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Workplace stress for dentists in Scotland: an undocumented problem?

The mental health of healthcare professionals is becoming a more often talked about issue in the news these days. However, in Scotland, we feel that dentists are often the forgotten profession when it comes to revealing the scale of the problem, and impact of the often stressful and frustrating environments we work in. Admitting you are feeling stressed is never an easy thing to do. But nearly all... »

Update on quality and performance of the Practitioner Services Division in Scotland

We conducted a survey in early 2016 asking for your feedback on the quality and performance of the services provided by the Practitioner Services Division (PSD), with the aim of collecting feedback on the service, the quality of monitoring, the effectiveness of communications from the PSD, and on how accurate the payment information received was felt to be. We also asked for your comments seeking ... »

Issues in orthodontics for general dental practitioners

Few GDPs might have an orthodontic contract, but there are some important things all dentists need to know about orthodontics for their patients. The BDA Oldham & Rochdale section recently held a meeting focused on ‘Orthodontics for general dental practitioners’, with key speaker Hamza Anwar, Specialist Registrar Orthodontics, at Manchester Dental Hospital, to discuss some of the issues GDPs n... »

Charges: failing the vulnerable

The recent coverage in The Times and other media, including BBC TV and radio, of the story that dental patients going to their General Medical Practitioners cost £26 million, as estimated by research carried out by the BDA, show again that we no longer have a national health service. Dental patients in Wales pay significantly less for an examination (£13.50) compared to England (£19.70) and in Sco... »

GDP incomes: the numbers

This week NHS Digital revealed the latest official figures on GDPs earnings and expenses. The numbers for 2014/15 aren’t a million miles from where they were in 2013/14. So is our profession finally turning a corner? Well the short answer is no. We’ve taken the long view. What these figures show is that associates and practice owners in England and Wales have seen taxable income fall by 35% in rea... »

Just another treadmill for dentists: we need to fight back

The current NHS dental contract is just another treadmill for dentists, devaluing us and our professional skills, which we have invested time and money in. I believe the item of service contract was better than the UDA system. The current NHS tendering process to open a new practice is a farce. Why? Because the government has now limited the opening of dental practices and limited access for the p... »

Nick Stolls lays out plans for next year’s LDC Conference

  We caught up with Nick Stolls, LDC Conference Chair 2016, to hear about his experiences at past Conferences and his plans for the upcoming year. Only a few weeks have passed since the 2015 LDC Conference but planning for 2016 has already begun. Jonathan Randall’s conference was very successful but, as all those closely associated with its arrangements would agree, it was challenging. ... »