The one per cent solution

Every NHS dentist in Britain has felt the impact of the public sector pay cap. Now, after seven years we could be seeing some progress. Ahead of the Queen’s Speech, together with representatives of over a million NHS staff, we told the Prime Minister it was time for a change in direction. Our calls went unheeded, but we are keeping up the pressure. And this week we’ve joined again with our colleag... »

GDPC update: January 2017 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) met for its first full meeting of the year on 27 January. The Committee received a presentation from the Chair of COPDEND, Nicholas Taylor. Members also discussed the professional regulation and the GDC Shifting the Balance consultation, contract reform, issues with Capita and performer lists, an EU-wide phase down on amalgam, parental leave changes and... »

Dental contract reform: an update on prototypes

You’ll probably be aware by now that, across England, contract reform prototypes have been up and running; 82 prototypes started at the beginning of the year and all were on the new contract by 1 April 2016. Of these, three are salaried services, 58 had previously been pilots and 21 are practices coming straight from UDAs. It is going to be particularly important to see how that final group of 21 ... »

GDPC update: October 2016 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee met on 17 October 2016 and included a presentation from Matthew Hill, Director of Strategy at the General Dental Council, as well as discussions on dental foundation training, dental amalgam, an update on the dental contract reform prototypes and NHS England issues. Elections Barry Kinshuck was elected to the GDPC Executive in place of Brett Sinson who has res... »

Charges: failing the vulnerable

The recent coverage in The Times and other media, including BBC TV and radio, of the story that dental patients going to their General Medical Practitioners cost £26 million, as estimated by research carried out by the BDA, show again that we no longer have a national health service. Dental patients in Wales pay significantly less for an examination (£13.50) compared to England (£19.70) and in Sco... »

GDP incomes: the numbers

This week NHS Digital revealed the latest official figures on GDPs earnings and expenses. The numbers for 2014/15 aren’t a million miles from where they were in 2013/14. So is our profession finally turning a corner? Well the short answer is no. We’ve taken the long view. What these figures show is that associates and practice owners in England and Wales have seen taxable income fall by 35% in rea... »

A voice in the wilderness? Oral health inequalities from Hammersmith to Waverley

At the surgery I work in Hammersmith, we’re an exclusively NHS practice. We have 10 chairs, so that’s a lot of dentists seeing a lot of patients coming through the door. And I’m not just patting myself on the back when I say that overall, our patients are pretty happy with what we do, and often go out of their way to tell us so. It makes me feel there is some light amidst the gloom. And so, I’m pl... »

LDC Conference 2016: a view from the Chair

So another Local Dental Committee Conference is over and for me this year, as Chair, I approached it with a mixture of excitement and terror. Excitement to see how all the planning translated from paper to reality. And terror? Well anything that could go wrong, might very well go wrong! The Agenda Committee and I spent hours looking at the detail of conference and particularly working on the motio... »

Shining a light on NHS dentistry: the crisis of rotten teeth

Our campaign for a dental contract that puts prevention at the heart of the system is gathering pace. I was pleased to be asked to appear on Channel 4 News to shine a light on the crisis in NHS dentistry and put forward the frustrations of dentists across the country. Politicians like to talk about prevention. As dentists, we know it’s more than just another buzzword. As Jon Snow said, denti... »

GDPC update: January 2016 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee met on 29 January 2016, and included a presentation from the Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley, as well as discussions on the devolution of health and social care, the issue of pay uplifts and an update on contract reform. Below is a summary of the key items from the agenda. Committee elections Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen was re-elected Chair and Dave... »

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