Reading the small print…

Today’s GDC registrants’ newsletter highlighted the findings of a recent case which included consideration of the adequacy of the registrant’s indemnity provision. The policy contained some exclusions relating to the transmission of blood-borne diseases. It was that exclusion that led the panel to conclude that the policy did not fulfil Standard 1.8 within the GDC Standards for the Dental Te... »

See you later regulator

Like or loathe Tony Blair you can’t escape the fact that when he was the PM, he memorably claimed his priorities for government were ‘education, education, education.’ Similarly, when we asked dentists what their watchword is, they’ve been just as clear. It’s regulation, regulation, regulation. A recent analysis of the most extensive member research the BDA has undertaken in decades confirmed that... »

Fear is not an option: what the PSA report means for young dentists

You may or may not have heard about the annual PSA (Professional Standards Authority) report on the General Dental Council (GDC) which was released recently. Suffice it to say the previous report was not exactly complimentary to our regulator – that will be no surprise to anyone reading this. Since 2015 the GDC has been charging dentists the highest registration fee out of all the healthcare... »

GDPC update: October 2016 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee met on 17 October 2016 and included a presentation from Matthew Hill, Director of Strategy at the General Dental Council, as well as discussions on dental foundation training, dental amalgam, an update on the dental contract reform prototypes and NHS England issues. Elections Barry Kinshuck was elected to the GDPC Executive in place of Brett Sinson who has res... »

Is the BDA the organisation you want it to be?

My history with the BDA has perhaps not followed a conventional path, if one exists. I was active in a Local Dental Committee (LDC) environment at a time of upheaval pre-2006, and my anger at the way the profession and patients were being rolled into a dental contract that was criticised and untested, was only increased by being presented with a contract that could be terminated without reason or ... »

Bad Dental Press

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the press. Headlines such as “The great dental rip-off” making front page news, and the case of Desmond D’Mello accused of 56 misconduct charges at the GDC is also making headlines. The Times investigation was a series of three dental articles published in the paper on Saturday 6 August 2016. Further on in the paper they discussed Mr D’Mello, whose case likely... »

A new era in regulation?

by Ulrike Matthesius In January 2015, BDA chief executive Peter Ward wrote in BDJ In Practice about where regulation might turn next. This followed the hike in the annual retention fee (ARF) and the BDA’s court case over the General Dental Council’s (GDC’s) consultation about this fee. So a year on, what has happened? Since then, the BDA has continued its efforts to hold the leadership of the GDC ... »

A big week for dentists: what the GDC Section 60 order means for you

You might have missed it, but it’s been a big week for dentists. Parliament is getting ready to grant the GDC a “Section 60 order”. Confused? You’re not alone. So let’s cut through the jargon, and explain what this could mean for you and our profession. It means the General Dental Council will soon be able to bring in case examiners. As many of you will know from experience when complaints are rai... »

BDA welcomes evidence to Select Committee from members

The British Dental Association is pleased to confirm that over a third of the written evidence given to the Health Select Committee’s accountability hearing of the General Dental Council came from individual BDA members and we know many of you fed into collective submissions as well. The personal concerns and stories of dentists from across the country were essential to making the case against the... »

Dentists don’t matter…

The superlatives of astonishment and matters that are beyond belief have been exhausted when it comes to reporting the musings and observations of the GDC leadership, but here we are again. The most recent forum in which the GDC’s leaders were able to astound and surprise us was in the hallowed inner sanctum of the UK Parliament at Westminster. On Wednesday 11th March GDC faced fierce and forthrig... »

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