Lilian Lindsay: a woman who didn’t take no for an answer

Dentistry has quite a lot to celebrate in terms of the roles women have played in its development and also the huge contributions they make today in the profession. For International Women’s Day 2017 we are highlighting some of the inspiring women in our profession and also remembering those who forged the way, including the pioneering Lilian Lindsay. Lilian Lindsay truly was a woman ahead o... »

BDA Honours and Awards 2017: who’s your dental hero?

The BDA’s Honours and Awards are now open for nominations for the 2017/18 round. Do you know someone who you feel should be recognised for the amazing work they do for dentistry? Then please nominate them for a BDA Honour or Award. The Honours and Awards nominations process takes place each year and is designed to recognise outstanding merit and service given to the profession and/or the community... »

BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting

Over 100 delegates gathered on the 4 November 2016 for an update on hot topics in dentistry at the BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting. It was an honour to be part of the Branch Council who organised the meeting, which took place in the stunning grounds of the Vale Resort. The fantastic line up included local consultants, Nick Drage and Meryl Spencer, speakers from further afield, including Davi... »

First year advice: how to overcome common challenges at dental school

The transition from school to university can involve huge challenges. Here Rabia Dean, a recent graduate of Kings Dental School, gives a quick guide to on how to overcome these hurdles and ace dental school. How can you cope with the struggles of living away from home or commuting? If you feel lonely – you’re not the only one, many have been in your shoes. Talk to whoever you can trust... »

What’s the key factor to success in dentistry? Effective communication

If I was the Warren Buffett of dentistry and someone asked me what is a key factor in making a dentist successful, I would say, communication, communication, communication! “Dentists are scary,” ‘‘dentists take pleasure in inflicting pain,’’ “dentists are greedy” and, most recently, “foreign dentists cannot communicate in English.” These are just some of the statements we see coming out of the pre... »

Bad Dental Press

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the press. Headlines such as “The great dental rip-off” making front page news, and the case of Desmond D’Mello accused of 56 misconduct charges at the GDC is also making headlines. The Times investigation was a series of three dental articles published in the paper on Saturday 6 August 2016. Further on in the paper they discussed Mr D’Mello, whose case likely... »

EU referendum: voting leave

Here is one member’s opinion on why they are for the leave camp. For an opposing view from a dentist who is voting remain, read this blog. I do not believe that leaving the EU will have any particular effect on dentistry, but I believe there are other more fundamental issues that will make me vote to leave. Firstly I believe passionately in democracy and the importance of the whole populatio... »

EU referendum: voting remain

Here is one member’s opinion on why they are for camp stay. For an opposing view from a dentist who is voting leave, read this blog. Why will the dental profession be better off staying in the EU? I think the main question here depends largely on what would happen financially if we stay or leave. There are lots of very sophisticated modelling techniques and the results have been claimed to s... »

EU referendum and dentistry

The UK’s referendum to decide whether the UK should stay in the European Union or leave has been set for 23 June, 2016. The BDA as an organisation retains a neutral position on the issue. We do receive questions, however, about how  the result may affect dentistry. Some of the main issues are outlined below, and a recent article in the British Dental Journal looks at Brexit and dentistry in more d... »

What does the EU do for dentistry?

With the EU referendum coming up on 23 June, the subject of what the EU does (or doesn’t do) for us seems a topical subject. Whatever your political stance on whether we leave or remain, European policy and legislation impacts on the dental market in the UK and on dentists, in ways that you might not be fully aware of. Whether we are in or out of the EU, what happens across the rest of Europe will... »

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