Newly-qualified dentist? Tips I wish I had before my dental foundation training

Abeera Imran is in her first year as a foundation dentist and shares her experience of what to expect when going into your first post and some top tips. I began the year knowing that it would be a steep learning curve and I often wondered what working full time would be like, as the summer break was coming to an end. I had been told by senior colleagues that I would complete more treatment in the ... »

Dental foundation training: my experience

Hannan Imran, is a Foundation Dentist in the Oxfordshire scheme, and Trainee Representative for the Thames Valley and Wessex Deanery. He shares why he got involved in dentistry and what training has been like so far. Why dentistry? My desire to pursue dentistry began at a young age following some extensive orthodontic treatment I had done. The impact it had on my psychosocial well-being was profou... »

My experience of dental foundation training

My name is Kaly and I am a newly-qualified dentist. I left college wanting to pursue a career as a physiotherapist. However, I soon realised that much of my ambition came from the continuation of care. This is something I was lacking and consequently looked into dentistry in providing. Throughout my dental studies at King’s College London, I was fortunate to work at Shape Dental Clinic, a small mi... »

A road block for dentists and patients: Capita incompetence

It’s a bizarre world when hundreds of thousands of patients with dental problems are pitching up at A&E or seeing their GP, who are usually unable to treat these patients. We know there are hundreds of dentists who could ease this pressure if only they didn’t have to wait – in some cases for nearly seven months – to get a performer number which allows them to provide NHS services. ... »

Top tips for your final year at dental school

I’m starting this blog series in no man’s land; not quite a foundation dentist yet, but certainly qualified. Finals were wrapped up for the end of May meaning us UCLan graduates had a long summer ahead. I’ve filled mine with celebrations, holidays, celebrations, some part-time work and… more well deserved celebrations, after a lot of hard work! But despite a hectic schedule, I... »

Making your mark: top tips for choosing a mentor

Most young dentists should already have a mentor, they might not realise they have one, but your FD trainer, your practice owner, or a more senior associate in your practice, these people are all likely to be giving you advice and support in your professional life, and are key in helping you take your career to the next level, if you are prepared to listen. Currently, mentoring in dentistry doesn’... »

My first month as BDA President: looking to our future

My first month as BDA President was certainly a whirl-wind, but such an enjoyable one. My inauguration at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition was the official start of it all, but I actually got involved earlier on, helping to support our very experienced conference team plan the event. Taking over from our 2015 President Nairn Wilson is going to be a hard act to follow. During his year, ... »

My first year in practice

It’s your first day in practice, summer celebrations are over, finals seem an age away and you’re faced with the question: I hope I haven’t forgotten everything I was taught at dental school? Well that’s what I felt like anyway! I have just finished working a foundation dentist (FD) in the Yorkshire and Humber deanery as part of the Wakefield scheme. I thought I would share a few experiences of my... »