Department of Health

Dental Futures: A glass half full or half empty?

I always find it amusing how when someone presents facts, they can be interpreted in different ways. Those with a ‘glass half full’ outlook on life will look at it differently to ‘glass half empty’, who will probably see nothing more than doom and gloom. Probably. And that – other than incredibly productive list of article ideas – was my takeaway from the Dental Futures event last week, an event t... »

Dental contract reform: an update on prototypes

You’ll probably be aware by now that, across England, contract reform prototypes have been up and running; 82 prototypes started at the beginning of the year and all were on the new contract by 1 April 2016. Of these, three are salaried services, 58 had previously been pilots and 21 are practices coming straight from UDAs. It is going to be particularly important to see how that final group of 21 ... »

Unfinished business at Department of Health

Jeremy Hunt remains at Department of Health, but leads a new ministerial team, whose responsibilities have not yet been confirmed. What this means for policies is that impact on dentistry is unknown, so we are seeking urgent clarity on unfinished business on the NHS contract, on dental regulation and on prevention. The Secretary of State has intimated in the past that he has not taken a ‘hands on’... »

A crucial time for sugar awareness

This is a crucial time for oral health – there are existing problems of inequalities in oral health across the UK and the debate on sugar is still growing, as is the rise in oral cancer cases. As the new Chair of the Health and Science Committee, I am keen to keep the topic of sugar in particular on the agenda until we see real leadership from government. The Committee is eager to work with other ... »

Dentistry under siege

Dentistry is a tiny but vitally strategic island in the sea of the NHS. Its significance is widely accepted but only really appreciated by those who work there and those who visit. For years now it seems that its will to survive the continual pounding from the Axis triumvirate of the GDC, the Treasury and the DH has been inspired by a few doughty defenders armed with only the pop guns of their pro... »

Because you’re worth it – NHS efficiency savings

Leading thinkers have recently been discussing the issue of efficiency savings within the NHS and how the organisation might transform itself to cope with the double edged sword of a shrinking budget and increasing demand. Now, I’m not one to want to position myself as any kind of trend-setter, but I do feel I have been sounding a bit like a broken record these past few years, particularly in BDA ... »