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Celebrating women’s contributions to dentistry: our new Society at KCL

In 2016, we set up a Women in Dentistry society at King’s College London and held an event in November to launch and celebrate our new network for students (regardless of gender) which aims to work for equality within the dental profession, at all stages of people’s careers. The aim of our society is to raise the profile and celebrate the contributions of individuals in our profession, to understa... »

First year advice: how to overcome common challenges at dental school

The transition from school to university can involve huge challenges. Here Rabia Dean, a recent graduate of Kings Dental School, gives a quick guide to on how to overcome these hurdles and ace dental school. How can you cope with the struggles of living away from home or commuting? If you feel lonely – you’re not the only one, many have been in your shoes. Talk to whoever you can trust... »

President’s blog: dental students, amalgam, Brexit and beyond

As the new year of dental students take their places in dental school, I will be travelling up and down the country, talking to each group to find out what their hopes and fears are for their road ahead. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to persuade them of the multitude of benefits and support the BDA can offer them throughout their careers, the opportunities to contribute towards the profession... »

Is the future bright for our student dentists?

Every year we give a talk to the dental students at Queens University, Belfast, at the start of the new term, and each year I’m amazed by the enthusiasm, commitment and inquisitiveness of our students. In the context of the rapidly changing sector and profession we work in, we are often asked by students, what is the future going to be like for me? Navigating the road ahead Every student yea... »

Student loans: reality awaits post graduation

Nick Ledingham and Sara Parrott outline how your student loan will be collected once you are in work. Once you graduate, reality kicks in. The loans taken out to cover tuition fees and maintenance costs whilst a student will now have to be repaid. It is important that you have an awareness of the likely repayments and the impact they will have on your cash flow. There are two types of student loan... »

BDA research reveals debt levels for final-year students

BDA research reveals debt levels for final-year students

A recent BDA survey reveals that the average debt of final-year students is now nearly £25,000 and may rise to as much as £60,000 for those who have recently started their degrees. Martin Kemp and Henry Edwards give the full low down. In a survey of dental students completing their studies in 2012/13, the BDA has found that the average total debt among final-year undergraduate dental students comp... »