Contract reform

Political turmoil in Northern Ireland a setback for dentistry

With the collapse of Northern Ireland’s power sharing Executive, the well-being of dentistry in Northern Ireland, is facing yet more setbacks. Recently, we had made some significant gains in getting our issues on the agenda and we had agreed a meeting with the Minister of Health and the Chair of the Health Committee. We’ve been raising the profile of the failure of the implementation of the modern... »

Dental problems at A&E: why it matters

Charlotte Currie, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery at the Centre for Oral Health Research, School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, explains what led to their recent project investigating the number of patients attending hospitals for dental problems, and what we still need to discover to encourage patients to visit the dentist before they end up in A&E: Just under 10% of the UK popul... »

Top ten most read BDA blogs of 2016

Just in case you missed them, here are our top ten most read blogs of the year, including opinions on oral health inequalities, dental contract reform, the crisis of rotten teeth, GDP incomes, NHS patient charges, teeth whitening and more. Our top ten most read blogs in 2016 were: Top tips for the journey ahead as a newly-qualified dentist – In November, Shaadi, a dental core trainee shared her ex... »

Dental contract reform: an update on prototypes

You’ll probably be aware by now that, across England, contract reform prototypes have been up and running; 82 prototypes started at the beginning of the year and all were on the new contract by 1 April 2016. Of these, three are salaried services, 58 had previously been pilots and 21 are practices coming straight from UDAs. It is going to be particularly important to see how that final group of 21 ... »

NHS contract is a disaster: Orthodontics is stuck in a half-way house

For me, the contract has been an unmitigated disaster. I am an orthodontist. I took my specialist exams around the time the new contract was introduced and as a result I could not get a job because contracts were frozen at existing levels. This was extremely stressful after spending many years of time, hard work and study and losing out on potential earnings. Eventually, I was fortunate to be able... »

Interview: needs of an ageing population

The growing number of older people in the UK presents a unique set of challenges to the profession. The number of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is on the increase1, and care homes are under growing pressure to cope. Alzheimer’s Society called it ‘one of the top three challenges facing the UK’, and that’s before we even consider the mouth. Two experts in the field, Joe Sullivan and Mili Dosh... »

Is NHS dentistry in general practice in the dark ages?

As a practitioner I feel hugely under-valued and often frustrated that I cannot be honest with my patients and explain to them why NHS treatment isn’t inferior to private when it so obviously is. I am unable to utilise innovations and advances in technology to provide treatment that is more comfortable and predictable for my NHS patients. There are huge advances in dental materials and techn... »

From Pilots to Prototypes

The BDA has campaigned long and hard for reform of the 2006 NHS dental contract and has. Through the General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC), we have engaged constructively with government to enable a reformed contract to be introduced in England in the future. The clinical aspects of reform have been generally well accepted, based on sound principles of an oral health assessment that captures th... »