What advice should you give about finishing a course of antibiotics for dental infections?

A BMJ opinion piece that questioned the existing medical advice about taking a full course of antibiotics to treat infection hit the headlines recently. Of course, the tabloids relished giving doctors a dressing down about the validity of their health advice, yet again. The screaming by-lines ‘Current NHS advice is putting patients at risk, according to experts’, will probably do nothing to help t... »

Update on quality and performance of the Practitioner Services Division in Scotland

We conducted a survey in early 2016 asking for your feedback on the quality and performance of the services provided by the Practitioner Services Division (PSD), with the aim of collecting feedback on the service, the quality of monitoring, the effectiveness of communications from the PSD, and on how accurate the payment information received was felt to be. We also asked for your comments seeking ... »

Top ten most read BDA blogs of 2016

Just in case you missed them, here are our top ten most read blogs of the year, including opinions on oral health inequalities, dental contract reform, the crisis of rotten teeth, GDP incomes, NHS patient charges, teeth whitening and more. Our top ten most read blogs in 2016 were: Top tips for the journey ahead as a newly-qualified dentist – In November, Shaadi, a dental core trainee shared her ex... »

What’s the key factor to success in dentistry? Effective communication

If I was the Warren Buffett of dentistry and someone asked me what is a key factor in making a dentist successful, I would say, communication, communication, communication! “Dentists are scary,” ‘‘dentists take pleasure in inflicting pain,’’ “dentists are greedy” and, most recently, “foreign dentists cannot communicate in English.” These are just some of the statements we see coming out of the pre... »

Oral health promotion for the homeless: my volunteering journey

After volunteering as a befriender at The Everlasting Food Bank in the East End of Glasgow for about one year, I had a peculiar conversation with one of the service users, who had managed to consume an entire meal without any teeth. Needless to say that this left me fairly dumb struck, and after a few awkward laughs and nods, I managed to find out that he hadn’t visited a dentist for over 15 years... »

Social media promotion for dental professionals and practices

Social media promotion for dental professionals and practices

Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Is your practice on social media too? Though ever-evolving, social media seems to be here to stay – and there are a wealth of benefits that could help you promote your work or business. But how can you ensure you are leveraging it to your advantage? As social media is becoming increasingly commonplace, we should be more aware of how we are presenting ourselves as a ... »

How widespread is illegal whitening?

I’m glad the BBC brought the issue of illegal tooth whitening to light recently in an investigation looking at the scale of illegal teeth whitening across the West of England. Undercover reporters from the BBC’s Inside Out West filmed one provider operating under an assumed name just two years after he was prosecuted by the regulator, the General Dental Council, for illegal whitening. The film rev... »

This year’s Conference branding

Each year we try to use a new way to visually communicate the event and what visitors can expect from the Conference and Exhibition.   The Brief We commissioned our designers to create something which: Is eye-catching Is memorable Communicates our values Says the British Dental Conference and Exhibition   Why is branding so important? The look and feel of something sets expectations. If ... »

Top 5 rules for communicating bad news

Top 5 rules for communicating bad news

There comes a time in everyone’s career when bad news needs to be delivered and whether you are dealing with a patient, an associate, colleague or practice owner, communicating bad news is never easy, and can be rather troublesome. Having recently read Robert Bies’ ‘10 Commandments for Delivering Bad News‘ I decided to give my own take and write up my top 5 rules for commun... »

How to communicate with your patients

How to communicate with your patients

Andrew Bayross, a student from Birmingham Dental School gives his suggestions to help you successfully communicate with your patients. What’s the use in having excellent technical skills or acing exams if you can’t talk to your patient? In a recent study by Buck et al it was found that the most desirable quality of a good dentist was good communication with patients (1). Here is my adv... »