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Do female dentists earn less than their male counterparts?

We know there are more women working in dentistry today than ever, but do we know if there is true equality in terms of pay? We decided to take a look at the current available evidence, and ask what this means for the future of the profession. Women in dentistry on the rise Since the first UK female dentist (Lilian Lindsay) qualified in 1895, the number of women in dentistry has been increasing ye... »

NHS dentistry or private: what’s right for you?

Many young dentists ask me whether they should focus their career on NHS or private practice; what should they aim for? My answer is, it depends. You need to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, both clinically, as well practically and emotionally. As a young, or indeed old, dentist, career choices are often hard. The path is rarely easy and do we ever get it right? We are taught as under... »

What’s your career ideal? Planning for your future in dentistry

I’m not sure any of us knew what our career was going to be like while we were in dental school. I certainly didn’t and I didn’t have any kind of plan back then. I had no idea that I would have worked in multiple government systems, private care, and be involved in dental politics. Back then, dentistry to me just seemed to be a job where you went to work, saw patients and went home. A simple 9 to ... »

First year advice: how to overcome common challenges at dental school

The transition from school to university can involve huge challenges. Here Rabia Dean, a recent graduate of Kings Dental School, gives a quick guide to on how to overcome these hurdles and ace dental school. How can you cope with the struggles of living away from home or commuting? If you feel lonely – you’re not the only one, many have been in your shoes. Talk to whoever you can trust... »

Is the future bright for our student dentists?

Every year we give a talk to the dental students at Queens University, Belfast, at the start of the new term, and each year I’m amazed by the enthusiasm, commitment and inquisitiveness of our students. In the context of the rapidly changing sector and profession we work in, we are often asked by students, what is the future going to be like for me? Navigating the road ahead Every student yea... »

Top tips for your final year at dental school

I’m starting this blog series in no man’s land; not quite a foundation dentist yet, but certainly qualified. Finals were wrapped up for the end of May meaning us UCLan graduates had a long summer ahead. I’ve filled mine with celebrations, holidays, celebrations, some part-time work and… more well deserved celebrations, after a lot of hard work! But despite a hectic schedule, I... »

Making your mark: top tips for choosing a mentor

Most young dentists should already have a mentor, they might not realise they have one, but your FD trainer, your practice owner, or a more senior associate in your practice, these people are all likely to be giving you advice and support in your professional life, and are key in helping you take your career to the next level, if you are prepared to listen. Currently, mentoring in dentistry doesn’... »

Scaling the peaks: BDA West Yorkshire raises funds for dental charity

On 23rd July, 23 members, friends and family of the BDA West Yorkshire Section completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in support of bridge2aid, a charity that aims to enable training in emergency dental care for health care workers in all remote, rural communities in the developing countries. The day involved 26 miles of walking (approximately 60000 steps), including 1600m of ascents within... »