Life as a GDP: is it for you?

James McKee is a GDP and member of the BDA Young Dentists Committee. He shares his journey after foundation training and tells us why he decided to choose the path of general dentistry, and what he enjoys about it.  The career model in the world of dentistry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Long gone are the days when a wide-eyed graduate entered the profession, stuck up a brass plaq... »

My journey and advice as a dentist and a woman

I started dentistry in 1985 at what was then The United Medical and Dental schools of Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital. We were the largest dental school at that time and approximately 50% of the intake were female. I chose to do vocational training in its first year of introduction at Charing Cross Hospital and started working at the practice I currently own as a fresh faced, eager trainee in ... »

How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

Ana Tout, a previous BDA Oral Health Education (OHE) student and star of this video, was 21 when she first came to England on a student visa. She originally studied agriculture in her native Romania, but decided after a few visits to England, that farming wasn’t for her. Despite little knowledge of dental nursing, she was encouraged by a friend to build a new career in dentistry. We interviewed An... »

Dentistry in Northern Ireland is changing: are you ready?

If you are interested in what the future holds for your career in dentistry, then don’t miss our upcoming event on Friday 25 November in the Dunadry Hotel, Antrim. In a changing economic and political climate, we want to help dentists to be ready for what might be ahead, and to be able to positively respond to the challenges facing the sector. This packed one day programme will keep you updated on... »

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton raising her voice to be heard? Why women in dentistry matter

Do women in power behave differently to men? Can you imagine Hillary Clinton raising her voice in the same way some of her male counterparts do? I recently listened to a BBC clip of researcher Alice Eagly of North-western University talking about what characterises female leadership and whether gender difference is actually meaningful in this context. Dentistry is actually a great career for women... »

James Goldman

Find your career path in dentistry

Walk down a street in a city at 8.45 on a weekday morning and watch them go to work. Some look really happy, some less so. Some may be financially comfortable, some not. Some may be salespeople, accountants, periodontists… When you were a child, did you dream of doing what you do today? What child dreams of becoming a dentist specialising in gum disease? But there are benefits to all careers that ... »

We need to see more women in key positions: Susan Parekh

As part of our series focusing on issues for women in dentistry as part of International Women’s Day, we talked to Susan Parekh, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, about her career progression to date, and how she managed to juggle training and working. —– I qualified with BDS from the University of Edinburgh, and worked in practice and community before undertaking specialist training... »

At the cutting edge of dental research: Ailbhe Mcdonald

As part of our series celebrating women in dentistry for International Women’s Day 2016, we asked Dr Ailbhe Mcdonald, Academic Head of Prosthodontics at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute, about the direction of her career to date and the pros and cons of working in academia. ———– I started out in practice and soon realised that I wanted either an academic or a hospital based... »

Associates’ pension tension: are you missing out?

The last thing you’re going to be thinking of when you start your first job is saving for your retirement. Most of us will put off such decisions because we have plenty of time to save for those golden years, don’t we? This is an understandable reaction but in the past few years the BDA has come across several cases of younger members in the UK who have opted out of the NHS pension scheme. The BDA... »

Specialist training and the path to becoming a consultant

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman, Nicholas Lewis give his top tips on the popular topic of going into specialty training in dentistry. In this short video, Nicholas discusses the pros and cons of undertaking speciality training and gives his personal experience of being a trainee and what he got out of it. —————- Want to hear more? Come to Careers Da... »

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