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Life as a GDP: is it for you?

James McKee is a GDP and member of the BDA Young Dentists Committee. He shares his journey after foundation training and tells us why he decided to choose the path of general dentistry, and what he enjoys about it.  The career model in the world of dentistry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Long gone are the days when a wide-eyed graduate entered the profession, stuck up a brass plaq... »

Northern Counties Burns Night 2017 celebration

The BDA Northern Counties Branch annual Burns Night supper and Ceilidh was a fantastic event again this year, with dancing, singing, and a lot of celebration, at the Sage Gateshead. This year, BDA Principal Executive Committee Chair, Mick Armstrong, attended, alongside the 126 branch members and guests. We raised £1200 for the BDA Benevolent Fund from our charity raffle. The event was generously s... »

NHS dentistry or private: what’s right for you?

Many young dentists ask me whether they should focus their career on NHS or private practice; what should they aim for? My answer is, it depends. You need to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, both clinically, as well practically and emotionally. As a young, or indeed old, dentist, career choices are often hard. The path is rarely easy and do we ever get it right? We are taught as under... »

What’s your career ideal? Planning for your future in dentistry

I’m not sure any of us knew what our career was going to be like while we were in dental school. I certainly didn’t and I didn’t have any kind of plan back then. I had no idea that I would have worked in multiple government systems, private care, and be involved in dental politics. Back then, dentistry to me just seemed to be a job where you went to work, saw patients and went home. A simple 9 to ... »

2016: a good year for dentistry in Northern Ireland?

You could say that although much has changed, much has stayed the same when it comes to the dental landscape in Northern Ireland this year. The challenges we face appear to grow ever larger, although our message is that there is light through the tunnel, and we are here to help support you through it. The Stormont elections in May brought in a new form of opposition, and with it the potential for ... »

Issues in orthodontics for general dental practitioners

Few GDPs might have an orthodontic contract, but there are some important things all dentists need to know about orthodontics for their patients. The BDA Oldham & Rochdale section recently held a meeting focused on ‘Orthodontics for general dental practitioners’, with key speaker Hamza Anwar, Specialist Registrar Orthodontics, at Manchester Dental Hospital, to discuss some of the issues GDPs n... »

BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting

Over 100 delegates gathered on the 4 November 2016 for an update on hot topics in dentistry at the BDA South Wales Branch Winter Meeting. It was an honour to be part of the Branch Council who organised the meeting, which took place in the stunning grounds of the Vale Resort. The fantastic line up included local consultants, Nick Drage and Meryl Spencer, speakers from further afield, including Davi... »

Getting together: five good reasons to join your BDA branch or section

Membership of your local branch or section is open for all BDA members – getting together with your peers is a great way of finding out what’s going on in the world of dentistry, topping up your CPD, and gives you the chance to let off a bit of steam too. Here’s five good reasons why you should join your local group: Across the UK, there are 21 branches and many more divided into regional se... »

Making your mark: top tips for choosing a mentor

Most young dentists should already have a mentor, they might not realise they have one, but your FD trainer, your practice owner, or a more senior associate in your practice, these people are all likely to be giving you advice and support in your professional life, and are key in helping you take your career to the next level, if you are prepared to listen. Currently, mentoring in dentistry doesn’... »

Scaling the peaks: BDA West Yorkshire raises funds for dental charity

On 23rd July, 23 members, friends and family of the BDA West Yorkshire Section completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in support of bridge2aid, a charity that aims to enable training in emergency dental care for health care workers in all remote, rural communities in the developing countries. The day involved 26 miles of walking (approximately 60000 steps), including 1600m of ascents within... »

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