A new era in regulation?

by Ulrike Matthesius In January 2015, BDA chief executive Peter Ward wrote in BDJ In Practice about where regulation might turn next. This followed the hike in the annual retention fee (ARF) and the BDA’s court case over the General Dental Council’s (GDC’s) consultation about this fee. So a year on, what has happened? Since then, the BDA has continued its efforts to hold the leadership of the GDC ... »

Health Select Committee asks if Moyes and Gilvarry should resign

The Health Select Committee met today for the General Dental Council’s first accountability hearing. With evidence from bodies like the Professional Standards Authority and of course the British Dental Association, the Committee, chaired by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, asked very serious questions of the GDC. Representing the dental regulator, Dr William Moyes, Chair of the GDC; and Evlynne Gilvarry, CE... »

Call for a Health Select Committee inquiry into the GDC

The BDA has written to the Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, to make the case for an inquiry into the General Dental Council. The committee has been made aware of the BDA’s successful legal challenge but the inability of the judge to fully act and prevent the ARF hike due to the limits of the current laws in place. On 6th January, the General Medical Council gave... »

To robustly defend…

The one thing the GDC cannot be criticised for is a lack of self-belief. Confronted with unprecedented levels of challenge from registrants, legal arguments, entreaties to think again and, ultimately, a date with a High Court judge, the regulator has continued in its belief that it is right and the rest of us are wrong. Fully aware of the awaiting challenge, Council members carried on regardless t... »

More pressure…?

I’ve just been to see a fantastic production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible at the Old Vic. It has deservedly received stunning notices. It centres on the Salem witch trials in New England but when Miller wrote it, he was significantly influenced by – and wishing to make social comment upon – the McCarthy witch-hunts in the middle of the twentieth century. Central to the play is distrust of the c... »

BDA response to the GDC ARF consultation: caution – step back

With the BDA’s response to the GDC’s ARF consultation submitted yesterday, I included a witness statement spelling out exactly why the GDC has got it so wrong. Our message to the GDC is simple – step back or face a legal challenge. I’m proud to have delivered that message on behalf of the BDA’s members and students, and the entire profession. I believe that together we are stronger, and yesterday ... »

A fair and lawful consultation? Why the GDC should do more than just take note

Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? So in one sense it’s not surprising that the GDC in their response to the letter from the BDA defend their position, closing with a robust challenge of “see you in court if you think you can win!” My colleague, Mick Armstrong, PEC Chair, has been vigorously leading the profession’s response to the proposed annual retention fee ... »

A perfect storm? The GDC needs to realise the full cost of an ARF increase

I think it’s too late to ask if the GDC is going to risk sailing out into the storm. It appears it has already left the harbour and is bent on a course to regulate us, come hell or high water. But is it fit to regulate? We think not, and there is a growing amount of evidence to prove it. Alongside the important noise the BDA is making about the financial and managerial failings of the GDC, the ver... »

Legally beyond? Why the GDC needs to shut down the flawed ARF consultation

Do you ever feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall? When those bricks are situated at 37 Wimpole Street, you are sure to get more than just a headache and feel confused. As you may be aware, the BDA is fast losing patience in trying to engage constructively with an organisation that plainly doesn’t seem to want to listen. Their dismissal (and ignorance) of our concerns have left ... »

GDC fee hike – what is the BDA doing about it?

I know that many of you are angry at the news that the GDC is proposing a massive 64% rise in its annual retention fee for dentists. You’re probably not as angry as I am, and I have already shared my thoughts on the matter with the GDC chair and chief executive, in no uncertain terms, at a meeting yesterday. I’ve told the GDC leadership that such a rise is wholly unacceptable. The scale of this is... »