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Motivated by my patients and the people I have met

As part of our We are dentistry campaign, Shaila Patel-Buxton, shares her journey that brought her to working as an in-house dentist at a law firm and volunteering in Burma. I have been working as an ... »

Finding a rewarding career in dentistry

As part of our We are dentistry campaign, Rima Sadhia Hussain talks about the enjoyment of patient interaction from working in dentistry. I’m currently doing my vocational training with the Nort... »

Proud to be part of the profession

As part of our We are dentistry campaign, Mark Woodger, shares his experience of working in NHS dentistry. I’m a partner in an NHS dental practice and I’m also secretary of my Local Dental Committee (... »

What advice should you give about finishing a course of antibiotics for dental infections?

A BMJ opinion piece that questioned the existing medical advice about taking a full course of antibiotics to treat infection hit the headlines recently. Of course, the tabloids relished giving doctors... »

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