How to use BDA Connect – Groups

In order to get fully involved with BDA Connect we recommend joining and taking part with various Groups.

In the top menu of the homepage you will find a section titled ‘Groups’ which will take you to the Groups Directory.

BDA Connect   User Groups Directory

BDA-Connect---User-Groups-Directory2Here you will be able to find all the Groups, together with a summary of the purpose of the group and whether they are public or private groups. Those groups which are public are open for all logged-in members to access. If you want to start discussions or reply to an existing topic within the forum all you have to do is join the group.

Joining-a-groupIf you want to be part of a private group, the administrator of that group can send you an invitation which you will receive via email, or alternatively you can request to be a member of that group.

Request-membershipIn the ‘Home’ section of the group, you will be able to see a summary of most of the latest activity in that group. New forum topics being published, documents added and new members joining the group, are some of the items that appear in the summary. You are able to post an update in this section, however your comment will be eventually superseded by other activity in the group.

BDA-Connect---Voluntary-Secretaries-and-Treasurers---HomeThe forum element works just like any other forum or online message board system, with the most recent topic at the top.

BDA-Connect---Voluntary-Secretaries-and-Treasurers---ForumIf you scroll further down, you should be able to see a section titled: Create New Topic in “Name of the group” which has a few text boxes that enable you to start a new topic.

start-a-topicAnd it’s just the same if you want to post a reply in an existing topic.

thread-replyMost groups have a Docs section which is further explained here:

The Email Options within a group allows you, the user, to change the kind of email notifications you receive for a specific group. You can choose to receive All Email; New Topics Email; Daily Digest Email; Weekly Summary Email, and No Email. If you feel that you are getting too many (or too few) notifications from a specific group you belong to, this is the place where you can change that.


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