How to use BDA Connect – Documents

BDA Connect has a ‘Documents’ repository which is accessible to all logged in members and is a place for the BDA to share some key information and documents with the entire membership. This section can be found in the top main menu bar.


In addition to a central document area, most  BDA Connect groups have their own document section where you can access the different files that have been uploaded by other members of the group. Depending on each group’s permissions settings you should be able to view, edit and a upload a file, if you can’t please get in touch with the admin of the group.


In order to add a new file, simply click on ‘Create New Doc’ create buttonand you will be presented with the options below:


(Note: This is like creating a folder; you can add a title for the folder with a small paragraph describing its content. Below, in the attachments section, files can be added to this document. Files can be added or deleted at a later date if needed.)

By default, if you create a document within a group, that document will be associated to that group. You can change the group you want to associate the document by selecting another option. Note: you can only associate a document to a group you have permission to create a document in.

associated group

IMPORTANT READ BEFORE CREATING A DOC. The access section gives you a variety of options as to who can read, edit, comment and view the history of the document (if changes are made, or if documents are added/edited) If you are adding a document to a group we recommend that the document be readable to group members only. Make sure you are happy with these settings before saving the file.



Tags work in the same way as when leaving a post, they just help describe the contents of the file, and whether it’s the location where a meeting took place or even simply the fact that it was a meeting would help when searching for this file.


The ‘Parent’ section is entirely optional, you can assign a ‘document’ to be the ‘child’ of an existing document. We recommend leaving the default ‘no parent’ however this option can be useful if you want to create a wider reaching document for ‘meetings minutes’ and assign that as the parent of subsequent documents from individual meetings.

Parent section

After you filled in all the details, press save and your new document should look something like this:


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  1. Profile photo of ian.hazlem

    ian.hazlem - 29/04/2014, 10:53

    I am looking for the documents mentioned in the latest email BDA Expert update dated 25th April. I have followed the instructions but I cannot see the documents mentioned. What am i doing wrong?

  2. Profile photo of ian.hazlem

    ian.hazlem - 29/04/2014, 11:00

    Further to my previous post. I have now repeated the same process and the documents have appeared! I must have done something wrong before.

  3. Profile photo of Digital Services

    Digital Services - 29/04/2014, 11:06

    Hi Ian, as an Expert member if you are logged into BDA Connect you should be able to access the documents on the following link

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