Finding a rewarding career in dentistry

Rima HussainAs part of our We are dentistry campaign, Rima Sadhia Hussain talks about the enjoyment of patient interaction from working in dentistry.

I’m currently doing my vocational training with the North East London Deanery, and I am working as a General Dental Practitioner.

I really enjoy working as part of a large team and every day is a great learning opportunity. I absolutely love going to CPD events, talks and conferences – it’s great to continue learning, but you also get to meet interesting people and network.

The nicest thing a patient has said to me was: “It’s a shame you cannot treat yourself because you’re such a kind gentle dentist”. You don’t get comments like that every day!

Rima Sadhia Hussain

We are dentistry

We know dentists do exceptional things, every day.

But we want to show the world what dentistry looks like in 2017 in the UK, and we are celebrating the clinicians, the teachers and the innovators that make up the profession.

Tell us what you do that makes a difference.

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