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British Dental Journal’s top 10 articles open to all

The British Dental Journal (BDJ) has once again been crowned the UK’s most-read dental publication by dentists and remains one of the leading scientific journals in the world. To mark the journal’s long-standing popularity, its 10 most-read articles from 2016 will be available for non BDA members to get their teeth into from now until May. Dentists ranked the journal as the most preferred jo... »

Dental problems at A&E: why it matters

Charlotte Currie, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery at the Centre for Oral Health Research, School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, explains what led to their recent project investigating the number of patients attending hospitals for dental problems, and what we still need to discover to encourage patients to visit the dentist before they end up in A&E: Just under 10% of the UK popul... »

Toothache piling the pressure on A&E

Have you ever wondered how many patients are heading to A&E with dental problems? Well it turns out Health Ministers are not the ones to ask. Thanks to the team at Newcastle University’s Centre for Oral Health Research we now know that official figures could be under-estimating the number of attendees by a factor of 10. Their three-year study is revealing a systematic under-reporting of dental... »

BDA research reveals debt levels for final-year students

BDA research reveals debt levels for final-year students

A recent BDA survey reveals that the average debt of final-year students is now nearly £25,000 and may rise to as much as £60,000 for those who have recently started their degrees. Martin Kemp and Henry Edwards give the full low down. In a survey of dental students completing their studies in 2012/13, the BDA has found that the average total debt among final-year undergraduate dental students comp... »

BDA’s state of Dentistry report – what you’ve told us

BDA’s state of Dentistry report – what you’ve told us

Thank you to the members who contributed to the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (DDRB) research back in the summer. We divided what you told us into two reports: 1) The State of General Dental Practice 2) The State of Salaried Dental Practice. We’ve called for a fair deal for dentistry across the UK in 2014 that begins to address successive years of underfunding. The infographic above shows some ... »