A week is a long time in politics

A snap election raises very specific challenges for this profession. Certainly those of you expecting to join us at our conference in Manchester to hear Health Minister David Mowat outline the government’s priorities for oral health may be left disappointed. The unexpected outset of pre-election purdah means all such appearances have to be canned. Of course the impact goes far beyond speaking enga... »

GDPC update: January 2017 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) met for its first full meeting of the year on 27 January. The Committee received a presentation from the Chair of COPDEND, Nicholas Taylor. Members also discussed the professional regulation and the GDC Shifting the Balance consultation, contract reform, issues with Capita and performer lists, an EU-wide phase down on amalgam, parental leave changes and... »

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Teeth whitening top tips

Does reading the headline “Man has been fined for illegal whitening”, sound familiar? It seems teeth whitening has been getting a lot of negative press of late, but we continue to assert that only dentists (or those who are working under a prescription from a dentist) may do tooth whitening. The run up to Christmas does seem a time when more patients are requesting teeth whitening, just ahead of t... »

Troubles with the Northern Ireland dental payments system

The current dental payments system for GDPs in Northern Ireland was implemented some 2 years ago and since that time payment issues for GDS dentists have continued. The Business Services Organisation (BSO) makes payments to dentists on behalf of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) who hold the contracts with individual dentists. Over the course of the financial year payments totalling just ove... »

Fear is not an option: what the PSA report means for young dentists

You may or may not have heard about the annual PSA (Professional Standards Authority) report on the General Dental Council (GDC) which was released recently. Suffice it to say the previous report was not exactly complimentary to our regulator – that will be no surprise to anyone reading this. Since 2015 the GDC has been charging dentists the highest registration fee out of all the healthcare... »

Dental contract reform: an update on prototypes

You’ll probably be aware by now that, across England, contract reform prototypes have been up and running; 82 prototypes started at the beginning of the year and all were on the new contract by 1 April 2016. Of these, three are salaried services, 58 had previously been pilots and 21 are practices coming straight from UDAs. It is going to be particularly important to see how that final group of 21 ... »

GDPC update: October 2016 meeting

The General Dental Practice Committee met on 17 October 2016 and included a presentation from Matthew Hill, Director of Strategy at the General Dental Council, as well as discussions on dental foundation training, dental amalgam, an update on the dental contract reform prototypes and NHS England issues. Elections Barry Kinshuck was elected to the GDPC Executive in place of Brett Sinson who has res... »

Is the BDA the organisation you want it to be?

My history with the BDA has perhaps not followed a conventional path, if one exists. I was active in a Local Dental Committee (LDC) environment at a time of upheaval pre-2006, and my anger at the way the profession and patients were being rolled into a dental contract that was criticised and untested, was only increased by being presented with a contract that could be terminated without reason or ... »

Frustrated about the state of UK dentistry?

I stood for the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (technically, its ‘board’) because I found myself getting more and more frustrated about the state of dentistry in the UK, and particularly the issues facing NHS dentistry, things like the dental contract and the spectre of increasing regulation. In my anger, I’d taken to typing online about my ire and then I realised this wasn’t really achieving... »

What are you waiting for? Lead your profession

As the profession differentiates, it is really important that the insights match that differentiation. So I would urge anyone who is passionate about dentistry in the UK and who can bring opinion, perspective and drive to put themselves forward to lead our unique organisation. In 1880, John Tomes and his colleagues established the British Dental Association with the aim of advancing dentistry with... »

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