What advice should you give about finishing a course of antibiotics for dental infections?

A BMJ opinion piece that questioned the existing medical advice about taking a full course of antibiotics to treat infection hit the headlines recently. Of course, the tabloids relished giving doctors a dressing down about the validity of their health advice, yet again. The screaming by-lines ‘Current NHS advice is putting patients at risk, according to experts’, will probably do nothing to help t... »

Now is the time to invest in children’s smiles in Wales

We’re asking our dentists to help spread the message about the detrimental impact sugar can have on patient’s teeth, and to help highlight the shocking state of oral health amongst some groups of children in Wales. The sugar levy is going to come into force in April 2018, across the UK. This will be a tax on soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, dilutables and still drinks that contain high level... »

Capita and Performers List: a dentist down the rabbit hole

I recently qualified as a dentist in the UK, spending thousands of pounds on applications, registration, exams, CPD and preparation courses to be able to work in the UK. However, I now find myself falling down a rabbit hole. After years of slog and sacrifice (and with the ongoing patience of my family), I finally thought, this is it, it’s my moment, and I’m able now to work as a dentist, doing wha... »

Let them eat cake? Why sugar is a sweet problem for dentistry

So 2017 is upon us and with it a flurry of the evils of sugar have been highlighted in our national media: cake in the workplace, it’s a sweet problem for dentistry, according to the Royal College of Surgeons. With the detail of the workings of the sugar levy still to be revealed, an article in the Lancet Public Health Journal has pondered over the possible scenarios and the effects of such a levy... »

Is flossing worth it? My patients think not…

In the news recently, floss has got some very bad press, and we have noticed in our practices that some patients have stopped inter-proximal cleaning all together, following this flurry of headlines. This is very concerning, particularly in relation to patients with gum disease. Here are some of the facts to counter the misinformation out there, and that we hope will be beneficial to other young d... »

Become a better dentist: stand with us

I have been a BDA member for a long time. As a dental student, I used to read my father’s copies of the BDJ. Then they were yellow covered, but now, today, I am supplying the pictures for them: I joined the BDA as a student and then, when I did my PhD research, the BDA kindly reduced my membership fee for three years whilst I was studying. I never forgot that decision to become a BDA member ... »

What’s the key factor to success in dentistry? Effective communication

If I was the Warren Buffett of dentistry and someone asked me what is a key factor in making a dentist successful, I would say, communication, communication, communication! “Dentists are scary,” ‘‘dentists take pleasure in inflicting pain,’’ “dentists are greedy” and, most recently, “foreign dentists cannot communicate in English.” These are just some of the statements we see coming out of the pre... »

One glass of wine a day is good for you, or is it?

No surprise that the Government’s ‘slashing’ alcohol intake for men to six glasses of wine a week (and ‘fears’ that the amount is still unsafe for women) – i.e. the safe alcohol limit for men has been cut from 21 to 14 units a week, made big headlines last week, especially in the tabloids. Even less surprisingly, no mention in any of the media coverage was made of the impact of alcohol on oral hea... »

Prevention zero: the watered down obesity plan fails our children’s teeth

Did you know that the UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe, and levels are still rising? That’s a shocking fact, and yet, despite this, the Government has chosen to launch the long-awaited obesity strategy with zero mention of curbing the problem of the marketing and promotion of sugary food and drinks to consumers. For oral health, we are particularly concerned about the problem ... »

Bad Dental Press

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the press. Headlines such as “The great dental rip-off” making front page news, and the case of Desmond D’Mello accused of 56 misconduct charges at the GDC is also making headlines. The Times investigation was a series of three dental articles published in the paper on Saturday 6 August 2016. Further on in the paper they discussed Mr D’Mello, whose case likely... »

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