Using my dental skills to help others: volunteering in Argentina

Ellen Johnson is the current President of Sheffield University Dental Students Society. She shares what it’s like to give up her time to volunteer to help disadvantaged children in Argentina with charity Todos Juntos. How much charity work have you done since being accepted to study dentistry? So often when applying, you go above and beyond to volunteer and help charities, then once you’ve g... »

How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

How the Oral Health Education course boosted my career

Ana Tout, a previous BDA Oral Health Education (OHE) student and star of this video, was 21 when she first came to England on a student visa. She originally studied agriculture in her native Romania, but decided after a few visits to England, that farming wasn’t for her. Despite little knowledge of dental nursing, she was encouraged by a friend to build a new career in dentistry. We interviewed An... »

Interview: the great marketing debate

Marketing can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. It can be an email, a leaflet or an open day. Traditionally marketing has always been about a practice, a new treatment or an organisation, but there’s a new type of marketing we need to consider. The rise of the foot soldier – the associate – effectively means there is a pool of skilled workers clamouring for the same jobs. To find out... »

Why having a voice is so important: a young dentist’s perspective

I’m a member of the BDA Young Dentists Committee which focuses on issues facing dentists up to 10 years post-graduation. Current issues we are working on include foundation training and confidence amongst new graduates, employment status, commissioning guidelines and NHS pensions. Dentists vary in age and location and there will be things that are personal to each and every one of us. The BDA prov... »

Frustrated about the state of UK dentistry?

I stood for the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (technically, its ‘board’) because I found myself getting more and more frustrated about the state of dentistry in the UK, and particularly the issues facing NHS dentistry, things like the dental contract and the spectre of increasing regulation. In my anger, I’d taken to typing online about my ire and then I realised this wasn’t really achieving... »

Volunteering with Dentaid in Greece – Q&A with Judith Husband

After being moved by stories and images of individuals and families fleeing war and persecution in their home countries, BDA Officer Judith Husband decided to take her dental skills to Greece this summer to provide dentistry to residents in the refugee camps recently established in the north of the country. Here she tells us a bit more about her experience… How did you first become aware of the ne... »

Interview: needs of an ageing population

The growing number of older people in the UK presents a unique set of challenges to the profession. The number of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is on the increase1, and care homes are under growing pressure to cope. Alzheimer’s Society called it ‘one of the top three challenges facing the UK’, and that’s before we even consider the mouth. Two experts in the field, Joe Sullivan and Mili Dosh... »

Interview: Dentist meets dentist

If I asked what word was accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2013 that is pertinent to dentistry, without googling the answer, you would be hard pushed to know which word I am referring to. The word in question is, of course, selfie. Gone are the days when you have to use quote marks around the word. It’s in our vocabulary and it’s here to stay. By definition, the acceptance of s... »