Cleaning your knowledge: compliance and the dental team

BDJ in Practice spoke to the Patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses, Fiona Ellwood, about what the last eight years have meant for the dental team in regards to compliance and regulatory issues. In your view why was HTM 01-05 so significant? Decontamination and infection prevention and control were always part of core training for dental professionals and particularly for the dental nurse;... »

Three simple steps to make Facebook work for your practice

It’s 2017. Not having an established presence on Facebook is no longer an option. As social media platforms evolve and mobile use continues to grow, more and more services will be accessed through Facebook. Establishing your brand presence and online community is a must have in your marketing toolkit.   Three tips to get you started: Deliver value to your audience Content is king. Peopl... »

A road block for dentists and patients: Capita incompetence

It’s a bizarre world when hundreds of thousands of patients with dental problems are pitching up at A&E or seeing their GP, who are usually unable to treat these patients. We know there are hundreds of dentists who could ease this pressure if only they didn’t have to wait – in some cases for nearly seven months – to get a performer number which allows them to provide NHS services. ... »

Have you had patients’ charges deducted for work done but not counted?

We have taken senior legal advice (from two QCs and from a very senior solicitor well-versed in matters dental) on the subject of NHS England’s approach to practitioner over-performance and performance ruled non-contributory as a result of the ‘two-month’ rule. It has been the practice of the NHS to refuse to pay for over performance on the contract and where claims are submitted more than two mon... »

Interview: the great marketing debate

Marketing can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. It can be an email, a leaflet or an open day. Traditionally marketing has always been about a practice, a new treatment or an organisation, but there’s a new type of marketing we need to consider. The rise of the foot soldier – the associate – effectively means there is a pool of skilled workers clamouring for the same jobs. To find out... »

Getting together: five good reasons to join your BDA branch or section

Membership of your local branch or section is open for all BDA members – getting together with your peers is a great way of finding out what’s going on in the world of dentistry, topping up your CPD, and gives you the chance to let off a bit of steam too. Here’s five good reasons why you should join your local group: Across the UK, there are 21 branches and many more divided into regional se... »

Marketing advice from a practice owner

Here are some top marketing tips from John Fleming, Principal Dental Surgeon at Hob Hey Dental Practice. Have a good website People expect you to have one and it’s probably the first place people go to after they search for you online and the first place they’ll find out more about you. Keep your website up-to-date, attractive and make sure the information is relevant to different patient groups y... »

Social media promotion for dental professionals and practices

Social media promotion for dental professionals and practices

Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Is your practice on social media too? Though ever-evolving, social media seems to be here to stay – and there are a wealth of benefits that could help you promote your work or business. But how can you ensure you are leveraging it to your advantage? As social media is becoming increasingly commonplace, we should be more aware of how we are presenting ourselves as a ... »

Digital marketing: once upon a time…

Once upon a time a dental practice could succeed by word alone – word of mouth – and a good reputation would guarantee a steady stream of patients through the door. Whilst being a talented dentist with a great team and a fantastic rapport with patients will still get you far, digital marketing enables your practice to go further and higher. Digital marketing can seem extremely complicated, but it ... »

Challenges in employment law: relationship breakdowns

James Goldman, Head of Employment & General Practice Advice at the BDA, outlines an employment issue you may be faced with as a practice owner and where to look for advice. A practice owner is concerned that one of his nurses, who is pregnant, has to work on the first floor and climb the stairs several times a day. He tells her to work with another dentist who is based on the ground floor. She... »

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