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Looking for some career inspiration?

In his second blog, foundation dentist, Hannan Imran, shares the key learnings he took away from the BDA/UCL Careers Day 2017 event that he attended with members of his scheme. Build your CV   Whatever your career goals may be, having a well-balanced CV will prove to be your strongest asset. At Careers Day, several speakers highlighted the importance of using the ‘personal specification’ guides that are published online for hospital-funded training posts. They highlight the types of criteria that are essential and desirable on applicants’ CVs. By identifying these criteria early on in your career, individuals can mold themselves into the “ideal” candidate. Building a clinical portfolio is ke... »

‘British Teeth’ vs the ‘Hollywood Smile’

As dentists obviously we’re proud of our handiwork. And that’s why the jokes about bad ‘British Teeth’ can be a little trying. From Austin Powers to the Simpson’s ‘Big Book of British Smiles’, this myth has become ingrained in pop culture. But now at least we’ve got some new evidence to show where Brits really stand on brushing. This World Oral Health Day we shared a huge global poll on oral health. Pollsters at Yougov tested people in 12 nations across five continents on what constitutes good oral health, and the key question on whether they actually followed the guidance. It’s what our friends at FDI dubbed the difference between ‘Knowing Mouth Smart’ and ‘Living Mouth Smart’. First thing,... »

Three simple steps to make Facebook work for your practice

It’s 2017. Not having an established presence on Facebook is no longer an option. As social media platforms evolve and mobile use continues to grow, more and more services will be accessed through Facebook. Establishing your brand presence and online community is a must have in your marketing toolkit.   Three tips to get you started: Deliver value to your audience Content is king. People only engage with content if there is some value in it for them. The biggest mistake some practices make is to go overboard with self-promotion. Facebook is most effective when you treat it as a two-way engagement. If you want your audience to give you their attention, give them some value through ... »

Newly-qualified dentist? Tips I wish I had before my dental foundation training

Abeera Imran is in her first year as a foundation dentist and shares her experience of what to expect when going into your first post and some top tips. I began the year knowing that it would be a steep learning curve and I often wondered what working full time would be like, as the summer break was coming to an end. I had been told by senior colleagues that I would complete more treatment in the first few weeks, than I had in the whole five years of university. This prospect was a daunting one to say the least! The first few weeks were especially tiring and a little nerve wracking. Looking back, I know now a few pointers would have benefited me greatly. So, for the newly qualified dentists,... »

Now is the time to invest in children’s smiles in Wales

We’re asking our dentists to help spread the message about the detrimental impact sugar can have on patient’s teeth, and to help highlight the shocking state of oral health amongst some groups of children in Wales. The sugar levy is going to come into force in April 2018, across the UK. This will be a tax on soft drinks such as carbonated drinks, dilutables and still drinks that contain high levels of added sugar. The levy will tax 18p per litre on soft drinks containing 5g of sugar per 100ml and 24p per litre on soft drinks containing 8g of sugar per 100ml. We’ve said that the sugar levy is a great opportunity for the Welsh government to invest in preventing children’s tooth decay across al... »

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