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Do female dentists earn less than their male counterparts?

We know there are more women working in dentistry today than ever, but do we know if there is true equality in terms of pay? We decided to take a look at the current available evidence, and ask what this means for the future of the profession. Women in dentistry on the rise Since the first UK female dentist (Lilian Lindsay) qualified in 1895, the number of women in dentistry has been increasing year after year. Lindsay was denied enrolment at the dental schools in England and therefore had to graduate from Edinburgh. Since Lilian’s ground-breaking accomplishment, the number of female dentists in the UK has been on the rise. The percentage of women in general practice has increased by 3.6% ov... »

What does the UK election mean for young dentists?

Elections seem to be en vogue right now. It’s not long since we had a general election, there has been an independence vote in Scotland, and also the now ‘infamous’ Brexit vote in the UK. The Americans have had theirs too, and France is due to have the second round of their presidential vote. And now, to top it, off we’ve got our own snap UK general election, announced to take place on 8 June. So, the world has election fever, but what does the UK election mean for young dentists? Well the business of government will be coming to a halt due to purdah (which means there are restrictions on the use of public resources pre-election) The details of the sugar levy incorporated into the finance bi... »

What can the BDA do for you? Starting out in dentistry

I visited the British Dental Association, based in Wimpole Street recently, for an afternoon with my Dental Foundation Training scheme. Before going, I did wonder what the visit to the BDA would entail. The afternoon was comprehensive and we left with broader awareness on what becoming a BDA member offers to young dentists. Advice when applying for jobs One of the major advantages of being a BDA member is the services they offer. The BDA can help you when applying for associate jobs. As a foundation dentist, you won’t necessarily have a significant amount to add to your CV, so your enthusiasm should stand out through your cover letter. Writing your CV and making yourself stand out with your ... »

A week is a long time in politics

A snap election raises very specific challenges for this profession. Certainly those of you expecting to join us at our conference in Manchester to hear Health Minister David Mowat outline the government’s priorities for oral health may be left disappointed. The unexpected outset of pre-election purdah means all such appearances have to be canned. Of course the impact goes far beyond speaking engagements. Changes to Parliamentary business will hit bread and butter issues. It means the Finance Bill – providing the legislative foundation for the sugar levy this profession has long championed – could be lost in the frantic last minute haggling before the dissolution of Parliament. It means ques... »

Feeling stressed out? What dentists can do to combat stress

Stress is a reality for a lot of dentists working in all fields of practice, be it general practice, community, hospital, the armed forces, or academia. We know this, because we’ve been doing some research into extent of the problem and our findings so far, show some concerning trends. We can, and often do, help ourselves to combat stress, such as talking it over with friends and family, exercise and good sleep routines. But sometimes that is not enough, and there are ways that if we reach out, then others can help to support us. If we thought we had a chest infection we wouldn’t think twice about going to a doctor. So, why is it that if we are stressed, unhappy, or depressed, why do we ofte... »

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